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Yacht Services and Charter Management


Yacht Services and Charter Management means your asset is being looked after by professionals. The deal is that when you pick up your boat it will be prepared and ready to go to sea. No cleaning, fuelling or washing decks before you set off, it will be all done for you.
 Yacht Charter Management

Options available range from skippered only to bareboat and full service to partial service the package is tailored to suit your needs and requirements.


Our commission depends on the package but is usually around 30 / 40% the rest going to you at the end of the month.


We promote your boat through the internet and newsletters.
For more information ask for our Charter Management pack


Yacht services


We offer a full range of management facilities including preparing your boat for your visit. Maintaining it whilst you are away, delivering it to a harbour of your choice and returning it when appropriate. 




If you are considering chartering your boat it will need to be compliant with the code of practice for small ships. The issue of the code certificate identifies the boat as being compliant with the necessary safety equipment and is in a safe condition.


We understand the code regulations and will manage your boat through what can be a very onerous time.