Safety Brief Check List

Safety Brief check list

Clothing for going to sea

-         Waterproofs and or wind proofs

-         Slightly warm before setting off

-         Prepare gloves, hats, sun screen, sun glasses

-         Foot wear, non black soles


Getting on and off the boat, use shroud / gate etc not guard wire


Introduce life jackets, to be worn all the time.

-                     Buckles and belts

-                     Crutch straps

-                     Lights and bottles, demonstrate one life jacket, do not need to explode

-                     150 and 275 newtons. Explain difference

-                     Student responsible for their life jacket for duration of trip

-                     Safety harness, jack stays, strong points

Gas and fire risks,

-                     Fire extinguishers

-                     Fire blanket

-                     Gas alarm, sensor

-                     Gas bottle storage and spare  

-                     Cooker operation

-                     Cooker isolator, turn off after each use.


Heads, how they work

-                     Fresh water should be pumped through each day


Radio,  GPS, hand held VHF, explain use just in case you fall over board

Explain radio use and GPS position


Engine start and stopping.

-                     Engine checks should be carried out daily

-                     Engine checks include, oil, water, fan belt and visual.

Life raft, storage

Grab bag, explain contents

Flares pack, demonstrate firing mechanism


Walk round deck

Jack stays and strong points

Deck organisers and boom / mast controls

Beware of boom

Anchor locker, warp and chain

Fenders, clove hitch and warps coil, storage

Mooring lines,

Life buoys, lights and dan buoy

Prep for voyage, store kit etc.



                                                                                                                               GT Yachting March  2015