Personal Storage

Where should I put my stuff?

Personal Storage

Personal kit storage, each crew member should have identified to them an area or locker that they may use to store their kit. Communal areas such as heads, galley and saloon should wherever possible be kept clear of personal possessions. However it makes a lot off sense to declare wet and dry areas, i.e. a wet locker were all wet outer layers may be hung, wash bags left in heads.  On longer trips it becomes important to maintain a dry area, usually the saloon, were no body wears or passes through with wet clothes. The interior design or layout does not allow for this so contingency plans should be announced as to where and how to change out of wet clothes. i.e. foot of the companion way, wet outer clothes under spray hood, no over trousers to be worn in saloon area even crouching down for a moment will leave damp or wet cushions.


If having the luxury of cabin space or shared cabin space, a little planning will help as regards a towel, on top of the bag, change of clothes at hand, no wets in the cabins etc.


Sleeping bags and pillows should be stored in bags or away from entrance to cabins, there is nothing worse than climbing into a damp or wet sleeping bag. Your pillow should also be protected in the same manner, as the comfort value is second to none.


Have some thought for other crew members re shoes and boots that may have been worn all day, it is nice to take them off, some times the aroma is not very nice. Consider leaving them under the spray hood or use a deodorant spray.


Try and keep spare clothes in your bag or delegated area, rather than strewn around the boat. Other crew may not have the same respect for your clothes especially if they are also in a muddle.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                 GT Yachting October 2012