Life Raft Stowage and Contents

Where is the life raft stowed and what is in it?


Life Raft Stowage 

The life raft should be stowed either on the weather deck or in a unique locker, if stowed on the weather deck a hydro static release mechanism must be installed between deck fixing and life raft. This device enables the life raft to float free if the vessel sinks. The life raft stowed in the locker must be accessible without the need to clear items above or alongside.


The life rafts position on the weather deck or unique locker should be brought to the attention of all crew along with any release mechanisms. The launching authority lies with the skipper or master of the vessel or who ever takes command if they are incapacitated.

Life Raft Contents
The contents of a life raft with SOLAS B pack are,


                                        Sponges x 2

                                        Leak stoppers, set.


                                        Life raft repair kit

                                        Buoyant paddles x 2

                                        Signal card

                                        Instruction and immediate action card

                                        Torch with spare batteries and bulb

                                        Anti seasickness tablets

                                        Rescue line and quoit

                                        Safety knife

                                        Sea Anchor

                                        First Aid Kit

                                        Sick bags


                                        Red Parachute flare x 2

                                        Red handheld flares x 3

                                        Buoyant Orange smoke


                                        Radar reflector

                                        Thermal Protective Aids (TPA)    


Additional items for SOLAS A are,


                                        Fishing kit

                                        Red parachute flare x 2

                                        Red Handheld flare x 3

                                        Buoyant Orange smoke

                                       Water, 0.5 litres per person 

                                       Graduated drinking vessel

                                       Non thirst provoking rations, 10,000 kilo joules per person

                                       Tin opener


Grab Bag 

Grab Bag, is the term given to an equipment bag that is associated with the life raft or considered to carry additional items of safety kit.


The grab bag started life as the bag to carry the extra equipment over and above what was stowed in the life raft. As time moves forward and we become more aware of the life raft limitations the grab bag now enables extra personal equipment to be stored in case of an emergency. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    GT Yachting October 2012