First Aid

Where is the First Aid kit?
First Aid

The location of the First Aid pack should be made known to all crew members and qualified First Aider(s) identified.


All crew should be made aware that anything taken from the First Aid pack needs to be reported to the skipper or master in order that it is replaced, also that any incident requiring First Aid will be logged in the ship log book.

Should I tell someone I have a medical condition?

Personal medication should be brought to the attention of the skipper or master, in order that they are aware and if the conditions deteriorate, i.e. a bought of sea sickness, this may have a null effect on any prescribed medication.


Sea sickness, crew suffering from or think they may suffer from sea sickness should bring with them their own treatment. Generally the boat supply of anti sea sickness tablets is in case of emergency as in an abandoning situation and not for every day use.


Crew should consider bringing their own supply of,

Sun protection, moisturisers and or after sun treatments.

Favoured headache or nervous tension relief tablets.

Anti histamine tablets

Indigestion tablets

Anti sea sickness tablets


Most boats will have a code First Aid pack which is sealed and to be used only in an emergency. There will be a ready First Aid pack that will contain the every day use type of treatments.


Contents of First Aid Pack
 Conforms to the 1983 amendments to the international convention for The Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) 1974 and MSN1768 - ships medical stores 2003.
 Lifeboat - Life Raft First Aid Kit also category C vessels as defined in EEC directive 92/29/EEC
        Tablets and Medicines                                          Plasters
        Anti diarrhoea tablets        30                                      Adhesive elastic bandage           1  
        Anti seasickness              60                                      Adhesive plasers assorted        20
        Anti angina preparation       1                                      Adhesive plaster roll                   1  
        Analgesic tablets              50
        Ibuprofen tablets               48 


        Dressings                                                                Miscellaneous
        Standard dressing medium        2                              Face mask resuscitation            1
        Standard dressing large            2                              Antiseptic cream                       1
        Extra large standard dressing    1                              Polythene gloves                       5 pairs
        Paraffin gauze dressing            10                             Burn bag                                   1
        Triangular bandages                  4                             Scissors                                    1
        Absorbent cotton gauze            1                             Safety pins                                6      
                                                                                       Antiseptic wipes                        6 
                                                                                       First Aid instructions                  1
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