Engine Start and Stop

How do I start and stop the engine?


Engine Start


Before attempting to start your boat engine you should carry out the Engine Checks. 


With the engine start and domestic battery switches on ensure the engine stop is pushed back into place on some engines this action squirts a small amount of fuel into the cylinders. Ensure the throttle is in neutral, Lift or press the pre heat for a count of 10, this action warms up the tip of the f

uel injector in each cylinder. Press the start button or key, the engine will turn over and fire. Some engines may need a small amount of throttle this can be taken off as soon as the engine runs. The engine should tick over at about 800 to 900 revs, if the engine is not ticking over easily and is hunting or running erratically it may be necessary to push the button on the side of the throttle in and by pushing the lever forwards give it a few more revs. Once the engine is running evenly the sea water cooling water should be checked by viewing the exhaust, water should be pulsing out of the exhaust.


Checks should be made on the instrument panel to make sure that the batteries are charging and engine temperature and oil pressure are normal.


Engine stop


Throttle lever should be in the neutral position, push, hold or pull the engine stop. This works by stopping the fuel going into the engine and therefore should be put back into the start position manually if it does not automatically go back.


With engine stopped, engine start battery should be isolated in order to preserve for engine start.







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GT Yachting October 2012