Distance Cruising


Distance Cruising

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Distance cruising becomes a must with a boat like this, you just have to go places with it. Whether your interest is the natural world of watching whales, dolphins and sea life or visiting remote locations around our coast, these trips are for you.


Here are a few package suggestions:


                                       Sail round Great Britain                12 weeks                      £12,800.00 all inclusive per person


                                       Sail round Ireland                          8 weeks                       £  8,600.00 all inclusive per person


                                       Bayona via Bay of Biscay                1 week                        £  1,250.00 all inclusive per person


                                       Belle Ile cruise                              2 weeks                       £  2,200.00 all inclusive per person


                                       Channel Islands cruise                    1 week                         £  1,250.00 all inclusive per person

                                              Scilly Isles and West Country           1 week                         £  1,250.00 all inclusive per person


                                      Fastnet Rock and Cork                    1 week                         £   1,250.00 all inclusive per person
                                      Azores                                          12 days                          £   2,000.00 all inclusive per person
                                      Azores cruise, whale watch            1 week                         £   1,500.00 all inclusive per person  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    updated September 2017


Recommendation by clients after a circumnavigation of Great Britain with me.


Mike Davis and Jan Davies wrote;


'Circumnavigating Great Britain on a large yacht is the experience of a lifetime. Whether it is for an escape, an adventure, a holiday, retraining or a career break the objective is a 12 week trip sailing round Great Britain. Seeing some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery the world has to offer, whilst learning the complexities of yachting and navigation in the process.


The experience commences in St Katherines Dock, Tower Bridge, London and the navigational challenge of the Thames estuary and the infamous Goodwin Sands are encountered within the first few days of the trip. The route continues along the South Coast and includes the bustling Solent waters and the busy naval bases of Portsmouth and Plymouth. This coastline gives the opportunity to develop the pilotage skills needed to explore and experience the beauty of the rivers and estuaries, such as the Exe, Dart, Yealm and Fal.


The sub tropical Isles of Scilly followed by the North Cornish coast can provide some very exhilarating sailing, before encountering the start of some of the longer passages to Wales and Southern Ireland. A day in Dublin is amust before heading back across the Irish Sea to North Wales and the Isle of Man, via the rock strewn Swellies and the Menai Straits.


The picture postcard harbour of Portpatrick on mainland Scotland, is a perfect base before heading back across the sea to Northern Ireland and then the stunningly beautiful and remote Western Isles of Scotland. Here dolphin, whale, seal, porpise and puffin are constant companions, whilst island hopping and exploring the secluded lochs and anchorages of Islay, Jura, Colonsay, Mull and Skye.


The trip continues to the outlying islands of the Outer Hebrides, Shetlands and Orkneys provide some of the most exciting and challenging sailing of the experience, before heading south past the East Coast of Scotland and England. The Firth of Forth, Edinburgh, The Tyne, Newcastle and the Humber are some of the delights to be enjoyed on this coastline before exploring the backwaters and swatchways of East Anglia.


There is a lot to learn on the trip including how to manage the boat and crew as skipper and as an active crewmember using rotas and sharing responsibilities. In addition there is the skill of managing the weekly budget and victualling the boat for 6 people with their various likes and dislikes. Learning to live in harmony with your fellow crew, initially strangers of varying ages and totally different backgrounds, for 12 weeks challenge, but supporting and encouraging each other soon becomes part of everyday life.


St Katherines Dock on the river Thames is the final destination of the 12 week trip and Tower Bridge provides the perfect back drop to celebrate being one of only a very few who have circumnavigated Great Britain and the British Isles.


It is truly an experience that will last in the memory forever and who knows, it may even change your life……..'  


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