Coaching and Training


Coaching and Training

Gaps in your knowledge or training?


After you have spent £100`s and maybe £1000`s on training to improve your boat handling and navigation skills, or maybe the purchase of longed for boat, you do not expect to find gaping holes in your knowledge and education, when you come to try it out. At least I don’t and I have a feeling that you feel the same way.


What I do at GT Yachting?


I help you plug the knowledge gaps, with information that’s clear, comprehensive and competent so that you discover how to:


            Make clearer and more informed decisions


            Develop your skills and abilities


            Recognise and resolve hidden problems, pitfalls and obstacles


            Plan effectively to deal with the unexpected

            Become a confident sailor


Why? Because regardless of where you are in your learning or purchase, whether you have just started or completed courses several years ago, there is enough reason for me to believe that the further you progress, the more questions arise.


I have spent 25 years organising and delivering both theory and practical courses, encompassing sailing adventures and handing over boats to individuals and groups. I inspect for sea worthiness and coded a variety of boats.
I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, all with the common aim; to get more enjoyment and pleasure from boating.



                     Option 1    

                     I join you aboard your boat or a charter boat and we go yachting, developing
                   the skills you would like to accomplish.


                   Option  2

                     You join me on one of my sailing adventures, see Distance Sailing



                   Option  3

                     A one day shore based refresher course


My day rate is £200.00 per day plus expenses.


Please ask for a quotation so I may tailor your request.




Where to find me

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