About Us

Hi my name is  George Turpin


I am an Independent Maritime Professional


Based in the South West of England, Torbay.


I am an Ocean Yachtmaster and Yachtmaster Instructor (sail) with strong coaching skills.   

I derive a lot of pleasure from passing on to you the 

enjoyment and pleasure I get from enabling you to do

what I do (the kick). I have a good working knowledge 

of what safely going to sea is about and always spend time

before leaving port ensuring we will have a safe passage. 



My story,


In my teenage years I was a keen rock climber and hill walker exploring on foot the mountains of the Lake district, Yorkshire dales, Scotland and North Wales. An engineering job opportunity took me from the North West to the South West, some say warmer climate, but there are not so many hills and mountains. I was invited to go sailing with a work colleague, who had a part share in a day boat on the river Severn. I took the opportunity to go sailing. My experience of early sailing on the Severn was one of grey water, lots of tide, glorious mud and thoroughly enjoyable. During this time I was introduced to sailing yachts out of Plymouth, and Channel yacht races became my interest, often coming in the top 2 / 3 and occasionally winning. I think it was becoming inevitable that a job change was required so I departed engineering for the marine industry.




As an Ocean Yachtmaster and Yachtmaster Instructor (Sail)
I offer you,
A Yacht Delivery Service

Refresher Navigation courses

Refresher, Radio, First Aid, Radar, Diesel engine
Coaching and Training
Distance Cruising
Yacht Management
Talks and Presentations
Skipper Safety Brief


My email address is:    george@gtyachting.co.uk
My mobile number:      07929262532
My skype address       george-rbe
My web address          www.gtyachting.co.uk 




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    updated March 2016

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